Hagley Hall Wedding Fayre

We were lucky enough to get into the Hagley Hall Wedding Fayre a few weeks ago. We’d been trying to exhibit at Hagley for a while now but it’s very popular, and we finally managed to make it! It’s run by a team of lovely people who manage a truly stunning venue, easily one of the most impressive stately homes we’ve ever been able to visit, and an incredible venue to have your wedding at. Some venues we’ve exhibited at in the past are very keen to show off potential brides around their venue on the day, but don’t really engage with the exhibitors much. The team at Hagley were bringing the potential brides around the venue, recommending exhibitors present and pointing out where the exhibitors had displayed their items, such as our china.

Not only did we do our usual stand of vintage loveliness, but the very kind people on the events team also let us decorate one of their large round tables in the long gallery and set it for a full dinner service, so we got to display a whole dining table worth of china. As you can see from the photos below, it looked pretty good, even if we do say so ourselves!

Hagley Hall china display Hagley Hall china display Hagley Hall china display Hagley Hall china display Hagley Hall china display Hagley Hall china display Hagley Hall china display

We do easy to work out package prices, and the photos show a full table setup including dinner plates, which is £4 per person. If you just need afternoon tea, it’s £3 per person for a full setup. If you’d like a custom option, please contact us for details! We’re happy to hire throughout the West Midlands, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire.

You can also find Hagley Hall on Social Media.

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New website host

Hi all. Thanks for being patient with us. We’ve had a few issues with our web host over the last few months, and the final straw was when they upgraded our web control panel and destroyed the Word Press admin pages, so we couldn’t update. We’ve finally moved over to a new host and managed to get it all back working again, so will get some new posts with some real weddings, and some of our new items such as Ernie the Milk Urn, real soon.

New Excuses!

We’ve been pretty quiet on Facebook for a few months – some of you will know we’ve been busy making something a little special. Well, she came just over 2 weeks ago, 8 pounds 6 oz, Melissa Sophia Harding. Mom and baby are doing well and mom is almost back to crafting vintage self (minus a whole lot of time!) We’re still going strong with Pinnies and Pearls (including a huge china hire 3 days before this one was due), and will be running some offers to celebrate our new arrival and new year shortly. Check out Emotive Imagery , who did this (and many other) awesome photos for us.

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