At Pinnies and Pearls, we collect and supply vintage style china. This typically includes cups and saucers (duos), with a side plate (trios), cake plates, cake stands, milk and cream jugs, sugar bowls, teapots, and sometimes a few oddities! Some of our china is fairly old, and one of a kind. We hope you love it as much as we do! We can provide you with:

Cups, Saucers and Side plates – we have enough to supply over 200 guests, depending on your chosen colour scheme, or make it random and mix and match! We have different styles, including floral, regal, and plenty of pastels.

  • Cup and saucer (duo) – £1.25 per person
  • Cup, saucer and side plate (trio) – £1.50 per person

Bridal China – something a little special available for the bride and groom, known sometimes as tennis sets, with a sideplate merged with the saucer for your cupcake or cake next to your cup.

Milk and Cream Jugs, Sugar Bowls – perfect for serving cream and milk on the table, and sugar bowls are suitable for loose sugar or sugar cubes, and can be supplied with sugar tongs.

  • Milk jugs or sugar bowls – £0.50 each
  • Sugar tongs – £1 per pair

Cake Plates and Stands – we have lots of cake plates, 1, 2 and 3 tier cake stands with matching and non-matching plates, pedestal cake stands, and glass pedestal stands. We also have wire cupcake stands in various colours and designs, and can supply mini cake stands for one or two people.

  • Two Tier Cake Stand – £4
  • Three Tier Cake Stand – £5
  • Pedastal Cake Stand – from £3

Tea Pots and Coffee Pots – for the full vintage effect, we can supply teapots – large and small, and taller coffee pots too.

  • Teapots – £3 each
  • Coffeepots – £3 each

Cutlery – we have plenty of cutlery, including teaspoons, sugar tongs, cake slices, cake forks, knives and forks. Teaspoons and cake forks are the most popular!

  • Cake forks, Tea Spoons – 25p each
  • Cake Knives – 50p each

Sandwich and Cake Plates – we have lots of single cake plates, from round ones, to eared cake plates, and also rectangular sandwich plates.

  • Single tier cake plates – £1 each

If you don’t see something you’re after mentioned here, then drop us a line or give us a call – we may already have it or may be able to source it for you.