Table Plans

We have several items that look great used as table plans for a wedding. From simple frames to ornate frames, and even sash windows, suitable for standing on tables or on free standing easels:

  • Gold ornate frames – with a backing of your choice. Frame plus easel for £15.
    • Frames range in size from small to huge!
  • White ornate frames – with a backing of your choice. Frame plus easel for £15.
  • Backing options available for frames include linen, floral or chalkboard backings.
  • Easels available include free standing beautiful wooden artist easels, a blue artist easel, table standing wooden easels, and large brass easels.
  • Sash windows – beautiful wooden white painted sash windows, for you to write your table plan on the glass. Available for £15 per window, we have several available.
  • Travel Themed Suitcase – we have a lovely suitcase lined with world maps and Paris posters. We can supply the case at £15, and with old style postcodes with the names of your choice printed, for an additional 50p per postcard.